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MOTIMinistry of the Interior
MOTIMarketing on the Internet
MOTIMinistry of Tourism and Information (Kenya)
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"Hrrump!" said Moti Guj, and that was all-that and the forebent ears.
Moti Guj put his hands in his pockets, chewed a branch for a toothpick, and strolled about the clearing, making fun of the other elephants who had just set to work.
Moti Guj paid the white man the compliment of charging him nearly a quarter of a mile across the clearing and "Hrrumphing" him into his veranda.
They took the whipping-chains and rattled them in their trunks as they sidled up to Moti Guj, meaning to hustle him between them.
That decided the planter to argue no more, and Moti Guj rolled back to his amateur inspection of the clearing.
Moti Guj knew well that it was the dearest thing on earth to Chihun.
Moti Guj tucked the brown baby comfortably between his forefeet, that could have knocked into toothpicks all Chihun's hut, and waited for his food.
At midnight, therefore, Moti Guj strode out of his pickets, for a thought had come to him that Deesa might be lying drunk somewhere in the dark forest with none to look after him.
He drew a long breath when he saw that the bungalow and the plantation were still uninjured, for he knew something of Moti Guj's temper, and reported himself with many lies and salaams.
Moti Guj swang him up, and the two went to the coffe-clearing to look for difficult stumps.
Rajkot (Gujarat), Aug.20 (ANI): Residents of Moti Paneli, an obscure village in Gujarat's Rajkot district, which is the ancestral place of Pakistan founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah have sought apology from Jaswant Singh, the author of "Jinnah-India, Partition, Independence" for denigrating Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.