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MOTIFMaui Optical Tracking and Identification Facility
MOTIFMarket Orientated Transport in Focus (EU)
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Chapter 3 presents the motif typologies used in the volume which extend the typological framework used by Frimigacci and Monnin (1980).
By attending to child murder as a motif across a span of time, one gains a general perspective on British cultural preoccupations of the 18th and 19th centuries.
By strategically employing these means, Fauset parodies fairy tale motifs in African American life and devises a strategy of survival rooted in "double double consciousness.
Yeaman and Yount are now translating the motif into peptide mimetics and small molecules, and are designing so-called modular anti-infectives with customized payloads of drugs that attach to the [gamma]-core motif.
The repetition of amino acid motifs or single residues was common within VR2.
Winkfield's motifs evoke not only our mythic history (as in the case of the Orphic lyre and the guitar on the right in Concert, 2003, or the tilting steeple in the background on the left) but also still more elemental archetypes.
The bad mother motif may seem less familiar but is prevalent when one looks at gendered references to natural disasters.
Because DART Motif is an ad type within the Macromedia Flash application, designers can create online ads containing sound, video, and interactivity, then package them into standard rich media ad formats.
NASDAQ: TTEC) has acquired a majority stake in India- and Philippines-based digital trust and safety services provider Motif, the company said.
Understanding what one can do by manipulating positive and negative space is an important concept in making the motif for this assignment.
The carvings with geometrical motif received the highest preferences (113; 75%), followed by floral (105; 70%), combination of flora and figurative (105; 70%), combination of flora and calligraphy (100; 67%), carvings with a large area of void/ more void (98; 65%) and finally, patterns with a small area of voids/ less void (87; 58%) (Table 1).
Long-term antiviral therapy with LAM may lead to drug resistance, which is associated with a mutation in tyrosine-methionine-aspartic acid-aspartic acid (YMDD) motif of the reverse transcriptase in HBV-DNA genome.