MOTISMessage Oriented Text Interchange System
MOTISMessage-Oriented Text Interchange System (aka Message-Oriented Text Interchange Service)
MOTISMessage-Oriented Text Interchange Standard
MOTISMember of the Inappropriate Sex
MOTISMagneto Optical Trap-based Ion Source
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has used UNIBOL400 to install its MOTIS package, originally developed for the AS/400, on Hewlett Packard's HP 9000 at Renault Trucks (RVI).
Global is converting many of its MOTIS customers to the Unix version of MOTIS, to provide them with a richer product in terms of functionality.
For Global the benefits of UNIBOL400 are two fold; not only have they been able to protect their customer base against Unix competitors, they can also grow the business by marketing and selling MOTIS directly into the Unix market.