MOTPMiddle of the Pack
MOTPMembers of the Public (UK)
MOTPMaster of the Puppets
MOTPMulti-Organ Transplant Program (Canada)
MOTPMarch of the Pigs (song by Nine Inch Nails)
MOTPManual of the Planes (Dungeons & Dragons gaming related book)
MOTPMask of the Phantasm (Batman film)
MOTPMobile One Time Password
MOTPMap Of The Problematique (song by rock band Muse)
MOTPMedical Officer Training Plan (Canadian military)
MOTPMembers of the Press (band)
MOTPMultiple Object Tracking Precision (computer vision performance metric)
MOTPMembers of the Project (record label)
MOTPMaintenance Officer Training Program
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MOTP measures the positioning error for all matched pairs of person and tracker hypothesis on all frames.
MOTP = [[summation].sub.i,t] [d.sub.i,t]/[[summation].sub.t][c.sub.t] (22)
MOTP evaluated on the vision-based localization system with 24.3cm and 21.3cm for Hallway and Showroom scenarios respectively.
The MOTP is the total error in estimated position for matched object-hypothesis pairs over all frames, averaged by the total number of matches made.
Under MOTP metric, GM-PHD filter performs best except for test 4.
Evaluating performance (MOTP in pixels) Test 1 Test 2 Approach MOTP MOTA MOTP MOTA D-GMPHD 9.15 72.34% 11.98 90.10% filter GM-PHD 8.18 27.66% 11.84 34.65% filter BPF 17.21 -114.89% 20.68 40.59% Test 3 Test 4 Approach MOTP MOTA MOTP MOTA D-GMPHD 4.59 88.57% 2.22 94.97% filter GM-PHD 4.43 54.29% 2.65 35.22% filter BPF 24.17 -2.86% 7.77 98% Table 4.
MOTP = [[SIGMA].sub.i,t] [C.sub.i,t]/[[SIGMA].sub.t] [Nm.sub.t], (21)
Figure 5 shows the histograms of MOTA and MOTP in the experiment using the SPFA algorithm.
From Table 1, we can observe that our tracking approach can achieve a competitive result, especially the metric value of MOTP. For [17, 18], MOTP and MoTA cannot achieve good values simultaneously.
As [19], it can obtain a good balance between MOTA and MOTP, but its metric value is a little lower than that of our method.
Algorithm MOTP MOTA Andriyenko [17] 69.0% 63.7% Berclaz [18] 63.0% 77.0% Milan [19] 67.2% 67.0% Jin [20] 72.4% 72.1% Our method 69.9% 71.4% Table 2: The statistics result of pedestrian flow counting.
They defined two very intuitive metrics as multiple object tracking precision (MOTP) and the multiple object tracking accuracy (MOTA).