MOTRMiddle of the Road
MOTRMaritime Operational Threat Response
MOTRMonty On The Run (gaming)
MOTRMirror of the Realm (gaming)
MOTRMirror of the Realm (gaming clan)
MOTRMultiple Object Tracking Radar
MOTRMercenaries of the Republic (Star Wars gaming clan)
MOTRMercenaries of the Republic (gaming clan)
MOTRMutual Ostracod Temperature Range (zoology)
MOTRMarriage on the Rocks
MOTRMartini on the Rock
MOTRMaster of the Ring (gaming)
MOTRMidwest Offroad Trail Riders
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From this initial MOTR query, a random list of subjects with extremity injuries that included an open wound (eg, traumatic amputations, open fractures, fasciotomy wounds) was selected for further chart abstraction using MOTR and the military electronic medical record.
Procurement of state of the art military hardware like drones, SEAD/SDEW, DEW, MOTRs, and satellite based technologies would have an accumulative effect on Indian BMD capabilities which ostensibly would trigger a nuclear and missiles arms race in the region, signs of which are currently visible at the horizon.
TABLE I MAJOR SYNTHESIZER SPECIFICATIONS FOR THE AN/MPS-39 MOTR Frequency range (MHz) 1 to 250 Resolution (MHz) 0.2 Control binary-coded decimal Switching time ([[micro]seconds]) 6 Output level into 50 [ohms] (dBm) +10 Flatness (dB) [+ or -]0.5 Spurious signals (dBc) -68 Harmonics (dBc) -30 Phase noise (at any 105 at 100 Hz output frequency) 115 at 1 kHz (dBc/Hz) 123 at 10 kHz 127 at 100 kHz Switching behavior phase coherent Despite this definition, the assumption that all contemporary systems that use a single standard (external or internal) are coherent is incorrect.
Following receipt of institutional review board approval, we searched the Department of Defense Trauma Registry (DoDTR) and the MOTR using ICD-9 codes to identify all US military service members who sustained combat-related, upper extremity amputations from October 7, 2001, to December 18, 2011.
Voltari, a division of Motricity (NASDAQ: MOTR), said it has appointed veteran media sales executives Michael Steele, of Steele Media, and Jeff Fox, formerly with Fiksu.
Motricity (NASDAQ: MOTR) division Voltari said it has appointed Lauren Halpern as Regional vice president of North American Sales, overseeing the eastern US region.
(MOTR) stock declined 7.10 percent to $11.90 in the after-market trading.
Our maritime forces enforce domestic and international law at sea through established protocols such as the Maritime Operational Threat Response Plan (MOTR).
Pleasant, Iowa (where three Winchargers belonging to the MOTR are on permanent display).
Though this writer predicted an early expansion of phased-array radar usage from military applications to instrumentation applications in 1976 in the IEEE AES Transactions, [1] it is only within the past year that the first phased-array radar specifically designed for instrumentation, that is the multiple object tracking radar (MOTR), has been placed in the field.
Injury and demographic data were cross-checked for the female amputees in the Military Orthopaedic Trauma Registry (MOTR, Joint Base San Antonio Fort Sam Houston, Texas).