MOTSAMultiple Overlapping Thin-Slab Acquisition
MOTSAMinistry of Tourism, Sport and the Arts
MOTSAMissouri Team Sorting Association
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According to him, these stages correspond to the four acts in a dramatic play: the preparatory stage, the return of the ritual emissaries, the lusekwane ceremony, and the day of the black bull, 'the most dramatic aspect of the ceremony.' In her incisive study on siSwati modern drama, Motsa (2001) has dealt with aspects of drama and theatre in Swazi rituals, including Incwala.
"Those obstacles are far from being removed," said Motsa.
The respective examples are for instance: Estonian kada (Q1) 'slingshot', kata (Q2) 'cover (Imp2Sg)', katta (Q3) 'to cover', metsa (Q2) 'forest (GSg)', metsa (Q3) 'forest (PSg)', Livonian kadag 'juniper', katab 'he/she covers', katto 'to cover', motsa 'forest', motso 'forest (PSg)'.
The first of these Motsa Kleis (Matzoh Balls) is a short flippant satire on London East End Jewry and it was later incorporated into Children of the Ghetto.
A hat-trick from Lee Guy and a strike by Gary Motsa saw off the renowned cup fighters.
Resolves that, in view of its association with three world religions, the Jerusalem area, including the present municipality of Jerusalem plus the surrounding villages and towns, the most Eastern of which shall be Abu Dis; the most Southern, Bethlehem; the most Western, Ein Karim (including also the built-up area of Motsa); and the most Northern, Shu'fat, should be accorded special and separate treatment from the rest of Palestine and should be placed under effective United Nations control;
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