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MOTSSMember Of The Same Sex
MOTSSMore of the Same Stuff (polite form)
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Other factors militating against a self-hating assessment of the Stanley Motss character are Wag the Dog?, farcical tone, which Hoffman's over-the-top performance underscores, plus the fact that Motss, as reprehensible as his actions may be, is not the archvillain.
Brean e Motss, nesse final de campanha politica, discutem, entao, em que momento esse "bravo soldado" devera surgir para consagrar a vitoria eleitoral do atual presidente.
O trabalho de Brean e de Motss e o de investir pesadamente no continuo atmosferico, de forma a monopolizar os temas de discussao diaria da populacao.
Neal e a CIA trabalham para desmentir sistematicamente as manobras de Brean e Motss. Num certo momento, avancam na imposicao de factoides, em outros, sao sobrepujados pela estrategia do adversario.
Para eles, "a guerra e um show", diz Motss: a aldeia albanesa e tao ficticia quanto a bomba na chamine dos bombardeios norte-americanos na guerra do Iraque.
In the December draft, Motss is "a fit fellow in his fifties." Hoffman, as he usually does, had trouble nailing the part immediately.
What gave Hoffman the breakthrough was that he realized on one of the first days of production that Motss was like his father.
The guild agreed." (25) Maybe Barry Levinson had been living with Stanley Motss so long he had become him, at least in his loyalty to Mamet.
However, there are plenty of chuckles and the film is worth catching for Hoffman's subtly vicious portrayal of egocentric movie man Motss.
For the crisis itself, Brean jets off to Hollywood and the mansion of producer Stanley Motss (Hoffman).
Motss' creative team, trendsters Fad King (Denis Leary) and Liz Butsky (Andrea Martin) and songwriter Johnny Green (Willie Nelson), takes a cue from the Gulf War by treating its task as an advertising campaign complete with theme song, heart-tugging symbols and scenes of action that go directly from a Hollywood soundstage to CNN.
Motss may finally be more a shtick than a character, but he's a delightful, memorable one.