MOTSUMilitary Ocean Terminal, Sunny Point
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Earlier this month, the ship left MOTSU hauling a class of "dangerous" goods, the group said.
Thirty containers will be kept at Kadena Air Base to carry out refresh operations and an additional 100 at MOTSU as spares.
Ninety percent of the ammunition that comes through MOTSU is containerized.
1964 "Hokusen eno Kikan Ishi o motsu Hokusen ni Honseki o yusuru mono no Zokujinho oyobi sono Naiyo no Kakutei (Content and Definition of the Lex Comicilii of the Persons Who Wish to Repatriate to North Korea and Whose Place of Origin Is North Korea)." Jurisuto, No.
The senior leaders of US-TRANSCOM, SDDC, Air Mobility Command and Military Sealift Command took part in the conference, which included firefighter training and a tour of the MOTSU rail and terminal facilities.
Containers Required for APF Mission Location Container Quantity Required APF Ships, two 1,301 Tooele 200 Crane 200 McAlester 200 Blue rass 200 MOTSU 100 Kadena 30 Total 2,231 Table 2.
A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held May 24 at Military Ocean Terminal Sunny Point (MOTSU) in Southport, N.C., signifying the completion of $58 million of construction and modernization on the terminal's center wharf that will improve how ammunition reaches deployed troops.
On May 20th, members joined "Industry Day" at the Military Ocean Terminal Sunny Point (MOTSU) where updates were provided on the on-going progress on the terminal along with industry briefs.
At least nine out of every ten rounds sent to Iraq and Afghanistan flow through MOTSU; modernizing this crucial facility will make SDDC more responsive to the needs of our nation's military worldwide.