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No wonder it held out: the rebels would have had to overcome three successive lines of fortification even to get to the foot of the motte - the strongest part of the castle."
Nearby gloomy Gallow Hill indicates that outdoor courts with life-or-death outcomes were held at the motte, with people found guilty of crimes paying the ultimate penalty by being hanged in chains from wooden scaffolds.
Later on, I would meet the other members of the team Olivier Motte, the French father of Henry, Patricia Matias, Apple Nocomand Henry himself.
About three miles south of Beacon Street lies Castle Hill - the site of a 12th century motte and bailey castle and the site of a medieval village.
During her time in Manhattan, de la Motte specialized in marketing condominium developments and conversions priced up to $27 million.
Motte has built an impressive array of examples, which he admirably tries to tame into a system of types.
Red Carpet Bay Area, the television show and the website, is created by Marybeth La Motte and MBL Media Productions, an Emmy Award winning, full-service film and video production company specializing in the unique needs of events, the fashion and luxury sectors.
After an introduction in which he argues convincingly that, far from being dead or moribund, the French novel can boast remarkable vigor and constitutes a significant mode of cultural expression, Motte devotes a chapter to each of the writers selected and--except in the case of Lydie Salvayre, most of whose fiction he discusses--concentrates on one of their twenty-first century texts.
It involved stabilising the castle mound or 'motte', before carefully dismantling the towers and walls by hand and meticulously re-building them stone by stone.
Baron De La Motte Fouque, author; Robert Pearse Gillies, translator; Amy H.