MOUNTINMountain (street suffix)
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Way to go, Mountin's, for making the neighborhood grocer a cornerstone of the community!
Susan Mountin, professor for the current semester's Christian disciple-ship course, said the classes are shaped to help students think about social justice in new ways and then become passionate about it.
Rachubka's dismissal - he brought down Shefki Kuqi on the edge of the box after the Finnish striker had intercepted a backpass by Ian Evatt - left Blackpool with a mountin to climb.
Te Warbird line includes the Predator Mountain Lite, Raptor Mountain Lite, Stalker Mountin Lite and the Stealth Mountain Lite.
Thorn, Phillip Runkel, and Susan Mountin, ed., Dorothy Day and the Catholic Worker Movement: Centenary Essays (Milwaukee, Wisc.: Marquette University Press, 2001); William D.
Successive Covent Garden administrations used their influence to keep the wheels turning and the government paying the mountin g debts even as the company became "virtually unmanageable" (p.
[2] However, with modern mountin g and packaging solutions like the flip-chip (FC) technique, the thermal limitations of CPW can now he overcome.
Mountin, was a visionary public health leader who had high hopes for this small and comparatively insignificant branch of the Public Health Service (PHS).
Subsequent studies have found that there tend to be more physicians per capita in locations that have higher average incomes or greater buying power, higher educational levels, and are in urban areas (Joroff and Navarro, 1971; Mountin, Pennel, and Nicolay, 1945; Rushing, 1975; Fein and Weber, 1971; Newhouse, 1990).
Sponsors: Rocky Mountin Society for Artificial Intelligence, US West Advanced Technologies.
Quickly he made sketch after sketch--the face, the uplifted eye, a hand outstretched--not coldly and clinically, but in a mountin fever of excitement that was somehow intertwined with his other emotions.
Nevertheless, your article that appropriately identified Joe Mountin as the administrative "father" of the center omitted any mention of Alex Langmuir, arguably the most influential of the infectious disease leaders over the years.