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MOUSAMajority-Owned US Affiliate (foreign investment)
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10 year-old Ahmad Husam Yousef Mousa was murdered yesterday as he demonstrated, together with his friends against the separation fence which is being constructed on the lands of his village Nilin, taking away the lands and sole source of livelihood of many of its inhabitants.
It is not clear if Mousa removed the material promoting the current president's campaign from his profile following his announcement - the page no longer seems to be publicly accessible.
We were supporting President Sisi before the decision to participate was taken," deputy head of the Ghad party Mahmoud Mousa told Reuters.
In his talk, Mousa said the Arab world was ready to make peace with Israel, highlighting the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative, to which he said there had been no positive response from the Israeli side.
After graduation Mousa put his plan of being a part of the regions evolving energy landscape into practice by joining German electronics and manufacturing giant Siemens, where he started as a strategy and business development specialist in energy and since moved up to become regional business development manager.
Building on a strong partnership developed initially in Saudi Arabia, Rexel IPG and Al Mousa bring tangible expertise to help customers on Egyptian projects.
The Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service stated that Keilloh never harmed Mousa but they accused him of "repeated dishonesty" and said he must have seen the injuries and had a duty to act.
It means a great deal to people like Mousa for him to take the time out to listen to their stories and hear about the challenges that they have overcome, and those they continue to face.
Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) on Tuesday called Mohammed Daraghmeh, son of martyr Mousa Daraghmeh, telling him to head to checkpoint 300 to receive an unknown belonging.
Speaking on the occasion, Mousa said,"I take great pride in how my vision of identity and heritage are infused together for everyone to see.
Addressing the annual meeting of the International Affairs Society, Mousa highlighted the achievements realized by Jordan, under the leadership of His Majesty king Abdullah II.
Mousa said that estimated losses associated with non-human consumption are 670,000 tonnes, of which 500,000 tonnes represent losses in cow and buffalo feeding.