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The plot takes off when she's attempting to hold a class on Moliere's play "Le bourgeois gentilhomme" in the school's small theater, and she discovers a gun in a bag she's confiscated from Mouss. Continuous threats and insults by the big black guy lead to the gun accidentally going off in Sonia's hand, wounding Mouss in the leg.
His partners-in-crime, all of whom have done time, include Lecarpe (Simon Abkarian), who runs a kebab-and-fries shop with his wife; and Mouss (Zinedine Soualem), who choreographs the dance numbers at the club.
Friction immediately arises with the bigoted imam Slimane (Mouss), a greedy hypocrite who runs his mosque on the kickbacks he menacingly extracts from local merchants.
Since 1992, Mousses Etoiles, a privately-owned family business, has been designing and manufacturing high quality outdoor furniture for five-star hotels, restaurants, beach clubs and villas.
Mousses Etoiles, which has already begun providing UAE's most prestigious hotels, will be looking forward to meeting and interacting with more hospitality professionals visiting the show, said a statement from the company.
Often I'll macerate sliced or diced strawbs with a splash of lemon or lime juice and a pinch of sugar to make a fresh compote for spooning over cake-y things or mousses and creams.
IF YOU think you're eating too much chocolate, here are a few things you can do: Look | for low-fat chocolate products, such as mousses and drinks, but don't kid yourself into thinking you can consume more.
In addition to its aerosol and spray applications, this ingredient now enables hair care formulators to create diverse styling products such as mousses, waxes, creams and fluids, according to the company.
McGrady said one day while the two were eating tomato mousses, Winfrey had asked Diana how she managed to stay so slim by eating rich food like this, to which Diana had replied that she just ate small portions and worked out, the New York Post reported.
Spreadable and freeze-thaw stable, the Battermix aerates well, consistently holding its whipped texture so it can be used to create aerated cheesecakes, mousses and even used in ice-cream based desserts, depending on customer specification.