MOUTManaged Object Under Test
MOUTMilitary Operation in Urban Terrain (US DoD)
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Don't be tearin' de blubber out your neighbour's mout, I say.
“didst never hear a name as of olt Fritz Hartmann from ter mout of ter fader, lat?”
"I thought they mout be, acause I have a sister myself.
There are several common techniques that are counterproductive on the MOUT battlefield.
Given that the world continues to urbanize, we must continue to develop new techniques to meet a wide range of MOUT tactical problems.
"We went to all MOUT sites, we gathered lessons learned from MOUT deployments from Panama forward, some were even from World War II," Andrews said.
According to Colonel Pierre Santoni, the French Army's former commanding officer for its Centre d'Entrainement en Zone Urbaine (Urban Zone Training Centre) located in northeast France, intrinsic to prevailing in MOUT is, first and foremost, a matter of having or acquiring as deep an understanding of the urban environment as possible.
The Combat Maneuver Training Center (CMTC) at Hohenfels, Germany, hosts the Army's only MOUT Leader's Course, a unit-tailored course that enables leadership at the battalion level and below to master MOUT skills.
Assistant Editor Roxana Tiron spoke with trainers and trainees at the Army's new MOUT site in Fort Knox, Kentucky.
The mission was to produce a usable MOUT facility within four months, no later than 1 May 2000.
The laser-based system has been provided to an undisclosed Middle East customer who placed an order with Rheinmetall for a Mout facility in 2009, optical laser-coded transmitters being installed on room ceilings.
Today's infantry has a variety of excellent weapons that are useful in MOUT. The 40mm Mk 19 Mod 3 grenade machine gun has more than sufficient range in built-up areas, a high rate of fire, and excellence in providing suppressive fire.