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MOVQuickTime Movie (file extension)
MOVMetal Oxide Varistor
MOVMoreno Valley (Amtrak station code; Moreno Valley, CA)
MOVMid-Ohio Valley
MOVMeans of Verification
MOVMovie File
MOVMicrosoft Open Value
MOVMovie Digital Video
MOVMargin of Victory
MOVMotor Operated Valve
MOVMenezes-Okamoto-Vanstone (cryptography)
MOVMinimum Order Value
MOVMeasurable Organizational Value
MOVMateriel Obligation Validation
MOVMain Oxidizer Valve
MOVMulti Organ Failure
MOVMoshassuck Valley (railroad)
MOVManually Operated Valve
MOVMilitary-Owned Vehicle
MOVMotor Oil Volatility
MOVMechanically-Operated Valve
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Additionally, Tugade made an announcement that after meeting with Ninoy Aquino International Airport and airline officials, the terminal fees for both domestic and international flights will be waived for MOV awardees and their dependents.
He is presently the president of the Association of Armed Forces of the Philippines MOV awardees.
Competitive states are characterized by low wins by a dominant party and low MoV (Class III).
Ram kuka: (a), Bor kuagax (a), Bri kuku (a), Cab kuku (a), Nas kuopuo (a), Mov olo (b), Boc olo (b), Dor kuga (a), Cun uaja, Tun kuhka'ha (a).
The SIH will house the ESD System, the network MOV System and new DCS equipment.
Still in its infancy, the MOV situated off the Shamal Road, hopes to create environmental awareness by combining tradition, innovation and science to benefit the shared environment and promote fair relationships and a good quality of life for all.
Assim, uma FR de 40-60; 60-80 e 80-120 mov. [min..sup.-1] caracterizam, respectivamente, estresse baixo, medio-alto e alto, e acima de 200 mov [min..sup.-1], o estresse seria severo em ovinos.
One of the most cost-effective solutions is the MOV (metal oxide varistor) or MLV (multi-layer varistor).
As a result, the voltage drop across the MOV increases dramatically as the varistor conducts increased current values.
A key drawback to board-mounted MOV transient voltage suppression (TVSS) is the component's design.
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