MOVDMove Doubleword
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Strait toward Heav'n my wondring Eyes I turnd, And gaz'd a while the ample Skie, till rais'd By quick instinctive motion up I sprung, As thitherward endevoring, and upright Stood on my feet; about me round I saw Hill, Dale, and shadie Woods, and sunnie Plaines, And liquid Lapse of murmuring Streams; by these, Creatures that livd, and movd, and walk'd, or flew, Birds on the branches warbling; all things smil'd, With fragrance and with joy my heart oreflow'd.
Gerry movd. that no officer be app[ointe]d but to offices created by the
gotta bak up u probly heard ths new kid movd in2 the house next 2 ur old 1 1st sunday (the day Dad got reel sick) we showd new kid the dead kids bike & he took it thn benny set him up (sort of lik god did w/ abraham talkin him in2 killin his kid ...
Appropriately, Blake in "Auguries of Innocence" (E 490:301) observed that "He who the [castrated] Ox to wrath has movd / Shall never be by Woman lord."