MOVSMove String
MOVSModes of Operation Validation System
MOVSMolecular Orbital Valence State
MOVSMilitary Owned-Vehicle Service
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Say first, for Heav'n hides nothing from thy view Nor the deep Tract of Hell, say first what cause Mov'd our Grand Parents in that happy State, Favour'd of Heav'n so highly, to fall off From their Creator, and transgress his Will For one restraint, Lords of the World besides?
Thus they Breathing united force with fixed thought Mov'd on in silence to soft Pipes that charm'd Thir painful steps o're the burnt soyle; and now Advanc't in view they stand, a horrid Front Of dreadful length and dazling Arms, in guise Of Warriers old with order'd Spear and Shield, Awaiting what command thir mighty Chief Had to impose: He through the armed Files Darts his experienc't eye, and soon traverse The whole Battalion views, thir order due, Thir visages and stature as of Gods, Thir number last he summs.
Shortly afterward they slipped out of the house in the deepening twilight, and moved toward the river with their precious box.
Pablo Caldeiro, interim director of Energy of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining, explained that the initiative to test electric vehicles allows the interested businessman to use them for 30 days, before acquiring it, fulfilling one of the main tasks of the Movs project, which is to spread the use of these technologies and verify their economic, environmental, safety and health benefits, among others.
Lupi, Tinambac which stated that '4 black zip ties used to seal ballot box instead of Comelec red plastic seals; plastic seals found inside ballot box, cannot be found; election return envelope not inside ballot box, cannot be found; envelopes for MOV (minutes of voting) and torn ballots appear to have been previously opened; and Voter's Receipt box is missing.'
For suppressing high-energy transients experienced by Category B and C equipment, GDTs perform better than MOVs. However, GDTs have poor let-through voltage (Figure 1) and follow-on current characteristics.
The control cabinet that Netherlocks has designed for this project integrates all these aspects into one unit: remote MOV operation controls are included, and correct pressure and position of MOVs are conditional requirements to release the keys for each stage of the process.
* Replacement of 240 existing motor-operated valve (MOV) actuators in Tank Farm and marine areas.
MOVs are non-linear variable resistors with semi-conductor properties.
In fact, individual circuit or component fusing originally was designed to provide an alarm when there is a loss of board-mounted MOVs. Yet alarms for partial destruction do not provide any information on degradation or etching.