MOYSMinistry of Youth and Sports (Liberia)
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(54) Remonstrance faicte au Roy dEscosse par Messievrs de son conseil prive [...] sur les practiques d'-Auhigny, au Moys dOctobre (n.p., 1582), sig.
He said: "We have a land proposal next to the National Stadium in Isa Town, supported by the MOYS, with a group of investors also behind us.
In this first edition of the classic reference for law librarians since Moys (1928-2002) herself died, fellow British librarians have made the considerable revisions necessary after more than a decade, informed partly by suggestions on the email list that has been operating for several years now.
Voir egalement : Francois de Clary, Les lauriers du Roy, contre les foudres pratiquez par l'Espagnol, Tours, 1590 ; Antoine Arnauld, La fleur de lys, qui est un Discours d'un Francois retenu dans Paris, sur les impietez et desguisements contenus au manifeste d'Espagne, publye au moys de janvier dernier 93, s.l., 1593.
The standing away end is set to go next summer as the club build a new seated stand on the Moys End, where Boro fans were having a whale of a time, singing and chanting and moving freely in-between the occasional old school surge.
At 14, she had been accepted by the South African Jockeys Academy in Durban, though Jones told me: "A lot of the young apprentices weren't getting a fair chance, the girls especially, although there were excellent ones like Chantal Moys, Danielle McCreedy and Lisa Prestwood." Significantly, all subsequently quit.
Following the thrilling draw, Moys es was pragmatic about his side not winning a spot kick of their own in the second half when Jo looked to have been bundled over by Curtis Davies.
Asi se ve en la segunda teofania de Moises en el comentario de Vit Moys. Moises, abandonando no solo todo lo que cae bajo el campo de la sensibilidad, sino tambien todo cuanto la inteligencia parece ver, marcha siempre hacia lo que esta mas adentro, hasta que penetra en lo invisible e incomprehensible.
(9) "Or traynna la chose tellement que leurs gens dommesticques, assavoir les chevaliers de son ordre, les chambellans, maistres d'ostel, leurs gentilzhommes des quattre estas en grand nombre, et generallement tous ses officiers, reserve ceulx de sa chappelle et ses archiers de corps, n'avoient receu paiement en dix moys: qui leur tournoit a tresgrand desespoir et desconfiture" (Voyages, p.
With the help of a tribe of Masai warriors and an ancient legacy, Arthur ventures to the bottom of the garden where he shrinks to the size of the Mini- moys and embarks on an exhilarating journey into the computer animated unknown.