MOptomMaster of Optometry (UK)
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Mr Gridley followed the MOptom route into optometry at Manchester.
It is the first optometry course to be offered in collaboration with the College and means that students who complete the course at Hertfordshire will gain an MOptom and be eligible for full registration with the GOC.
Subhi Khandelwal MOptom and Ian Murray PhD, MSc, FCOptom
THE UNIVERSITY of Hertfordshire will establish a four-year MOptom course, it has been confirmed.
Christian French MOptom (Hons), MCOptom; Frank Eperjesi BSc, PhD, MBA, FCOptom, DOrth, FAAO, FHEA
Accredited by the GOC and supported by the College of Optometrists, students enrolling in optometry at Aston will automatically register for the MOptom course, whilst those currently studying for their degree will have the option of remaining on the BSc course or transferring to the new one.
Jill Woods MCOptom, Craig Woods PhD FAAO, Desmond Fonn MOptom FAAO