MP5Machine Pistol (Heckler and Koch of Germany)
MP5Mazda Protege 5
MP5Mana Per 5 Seconds (gaming, World of Warcraft)
MP5Mario Party 5 (video game)
MP5Machine Pistol Version 5 (gaming)
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The roller-locked delayed-blowback action is both time-tested and combat-proven in legacy HK weapons like the MP5, HK33, and G3.
Our test gun is an early 9CT and will look familiar to anyone who's spent time with the MP5. The checkered cocking knob is in its usual place in the cocking tube above the barrel and sights are the familiar drum rear and ring/post front.
Yesterday, Mohamad Zainal said the 24-year-old constable took the MP5 firearm from the weapon's storage room at the IPD before starting his shift at the IPD's Guard Post from noon to 6pm.
Those members selected to be part of a ship's naval boarding party must undergo extensive weapons training using the Sig Sauer handgun, MP5 machine gun, Remington 870 shotgun, C8, pepper spray, ASP baton and mechanical restraints.
HEARING THE NAME "HK" generally conjures an image of an MP5. To be more specific, many of us think back to the MP5K.
A policeman described how a man wearing a police uniform tried to overpower him by pointing an MP5 (9mm submachine gun) to his head before the defendants overpowered him.
But Enrico didn't like MP5 prototype, as it was known.
The State Security prosecution presented five weapons, including Kalashnikov rifles, MP5 and M16 machineguns, explosives and detonators used in making bombs as well as a huge number of bullets and magazines.
He also authored a number of books, Including Project 64--The MP5 Submachine Gun Story and Effective Handgun Defense.
He was an avid pistol competitor and machine gun shooter who wrote Project 64: The MP5 Submachine Gun Story.