MPAGMovie Poster Art Gallery (London, UK)
MPAGMajlis Perbandaran Alor Gajah (Malaysian land usage program)
MPAGMichigan Pyrotechnics Arts Guild (Holly, MI)
MPAGMaster Plan Advisory Group (various locations)
MPAGMike Priestner Automotive Group (Canada)
MPAG7-O-MPA-Beta-Glucuronide (metabolized mycophenolic acid)
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But, in boys, systolic blood pressure and mean arterial pressure were found to be significantly higher in the MPAG as compared to LPAG despite insignificant differences in the body composition (Table 2).
MPA, MPAG, AcMPAG, and the carboxybutoxy ether of MPA (MPAC) were kind gifts from Roche Pharmaceuticals.
2]O), polystyrene (Elvetec), or polypropylene (Sarstedt) tubes to obtain MPA and MPAG concentrations of 0.
Several HPLC-tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS) methods for monitoring MPA, free MPA, and MPAG in serum or plasma have been reported.
Coelution of MPAG or AcMPAG with MPA would therefore give falsely increased MPA concentrations.
The uremic state itself decreases MPA protein binding, which is also achieved by competition with the retained MPAG.
MPAG was isolated in our laboratory from the urine of transplant patients.
Plasma concentrations of MPAG exceed MPA concentrations in all transplant patients who receive MMF, and reach values >100-fold higher in renally impaired patients (3).
Most studies on the pharmacokinetics of MPA have utilized HPLC procedures (6, 7) to measure both MPA and MPAG.
During MMF therapy, MPAG peak concentrations observed in plasma of patients (5-600 mg/L) can be up to 300-fold higher than those of MPA (0.
Although MPAG is commonly measured in PK studies, no studies have shown that its concentration relates to either toxicity or acute rejection.