MPAHMy Pals Are Here (Singapore textbook series)
MPAHMotion Picture Association of Haiti (est. 2007)
MPAHMaster Plan of Arterial Highways
MPAHMonterey Park Animal Hospital (Monterey Park, CA)
MPAHMount Pleasant Animal Hospital (Mt. Pleasant, SC)
MPAHModified Projected Adult Height (endocrinology)
MPAHMedial Preoptic Anterior Hypothalamic
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Finally, the four PFCs with moderate quantities of nondetects (EPAH, MPAH, PFDE, and PFSA) were analyzed as binary variables, above and below the LOD.
Presolicitation: Requirment for five valves consisting of two mpah demineralized water class 900 valves; two mpah demineralized water class 600 valves; and one mpah high pressure class 1500 valve.
Maloney, MPAH, RS, CHO, Chief of Environmental Health/ Assistant Director of Public Health, Brookline Health Department; Adjunct Professor, University Of Massachusetts-Lowell
Figurative sculptural works were well represented; these could take the form of a drastic expressionism (Joel Mpah Dooh of Cameroon or Mamady Seydi of Senegal) or symbolism--thus La Longue Marche du changement (The long march of change), 2000-2001, by biennial-prize winner Ndary Lo (Senegal), whose Giacomettiesque figures of thin iron walk toward a better future across a carpet of plastic sandals, or G8 promene son chien (G8 walking his dog), 2001, by Dominique Zinkpe (Benin), an installation showing Africa as a dog on the leash of the economically powerful countries.
We know NEHA will put the funds to a good use and Jay would be proud of that."--Pat Maloney, RS, CHO, MPAH, Past NEHA Regional Vice President