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Ms Mpai said she extracts the pulp of the morula fruit to produce cosmetics, morula jam and drink.
Ms Mpai said as part of the company's support for women and empowerment efforts, it has offered temporary employment of morula fruit collectors exclusively to women.
Ms Mpai said she has packaged the product into 330ml bottles so that her brand could also be recognised nationwide, adding that she was looking forward to selling it outside the country as she believed they could do much more internationally.
Thus, severity of disability as assessed by MPAI was entered on step (1), RBANS total score on step (2), MSET on step (3), semantic fluency on step (4), TMT B (as it was the most highly correlated of the TMT measures) on step (5), and BCET on step (6).
Test Mean (SD) Range Biber Cognitive Estimation Test (BCET) 14.67 (2.89) 9-20 Trail-Making Test TMT-A 64.50 (47.37) 18-247 TMT-B 190.03 (154.98) 41-300 TMT-B/A 2.94 (2.27) 0.42-21.74 TMT-B-A 125.53 (104.04) 14-287 Verbal fluency Phonemic fluency 23.38 (11.85) 0-55 Semantic fluency 14.29 (4.59) 0-30 MSET 2.21 (1.25) 0-4 RBANS Immediate memory 72.24 (20.72) 14-120 Visuospatial processing 83.74 (21.31) 50-121 Language 80.51 (14.94) 9-120 Attention 77.39 (18.64) 40-115 Delayed memory 71.78 (21.39) 21-122 Total scale score 71.52 (17.05) 40-115 Community integration scale 14.85 (4.72) 2-24 MPAI-T score 39.03 (12.52) 4-65 MSET = Modified Six Elements Test; RBANS = Repeatable Battery for Assessment of Neuropsychological Status; MPAI = Mayo Portland Adaptability Index.
Mpai said he assists businesses to source funding and refine their ideas and business models.
Specifically, the PART demonstrates significant correlations with the MPAI 8-Item Participation Index (M2PI), the Cognitive Functional Independence Measure, the Motor Functional Independence Measure, the Supervision Rating Scale, the Glasgow Outcome ScaleExtended, and the Dementia Rating Scale, indicating that greater functional independence is associated with greater participation [49].
The M2PI is an 8-item participation index taken from the 30-item MPAI [53].
The injections for MPAI are into all of the areas where the pain nerves are found in contrast to trigger point injections which are only into the knots in the muscle.
2004 20 Likert Dependence Questionnaire (MPDQ) Mobile Phone Problem Bianchi y Phillips 27 Likert Use Scale (MPPUS) 2005 Self-perception of Halayem 2005 15 Likert Text-message Dependency Scale (STDS) Mobile Phone Leung 2007 17 Likert Addiction Index (MPAI) Cell-Phone Over-Use Jenaro et al.
The bank's financial director, Wilfred Mpai, said that the bank would pursue all legal avenues for recovery of the advances.
Mpai Ramatsoku, who held the Scholarship in 2007 and 2008 and Rocco Coppejans, who held the Scholarship in 2008 and 2009, both completed their BSc (Hons) in the National Astrophysics and Space Science Programme (NASSP) at UCT and are now studying for their Masters degree in the same programme.