MPARMotion Physical Action Reaction
MPARMultifunction Phased Array Radar
MPARMean Perimeter-Area Ratio (physical dimensions)
MPARMarketing of Petroleum Activities Return (South Africa Petroleum Industry Association)
MPARMulti-Purpose Airport Radar
MPARMid Period Appraisal Report (British Army; UK)
MPARMid-Program Academic Retreat (Haas School of Business; Berkeley, CA)
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The MPAR system, as well as the guidelines to determine the service differential (secondary storage and distribution), was applied for the last time in 2004.
The first two years of the grant will provide USD 4.285m to complete the IND enabling studies to bring the first MPAR overdose protection product into clinical studies in the US.
Imaging applications could be of potential use to the MPAR program, especially with the desire to use multiple simultaneous beams (Weber et al.
where "a" for the MPAR- and TMPAR- sized array is 5 m and 2.5 m, respectively; [] is the vertical distance of mth circular array from the center of the cylindrical array; D is the height of the cylindrical array, c = 3, b = 0.16, and the MPAR (TMPAR) beam is pointed in the ([[theta].sub.0], [[phi].sub.0]) direction.
According to a company press release, Bulletin MPAR MP-series and TLAR TL-series electric cylinders provide a dynamic, precise response for a wide range of linear motion applications.
It is also an important candidate for the polarimetric MPAR manifold [2].
The review notes that some emerging requirements can't be met with a network of 334 MPAR radars, and contends that the report's preliminary cost evaluation needs more work, because it doesn't consider the cost effectiveness of other alternatives to legacy systems.
Ja os multipatrocinados ativos restritos (MPAR) sao aqueles que prospectam dentro do segmento associativo ou das empresas do conglomerado do qual faz parte o principal patrocinador (por exemplo, Petros e Cesp).
Mean Perimeter-Area Ratio (MPAR): a building shape measure (see Moudon 1986)