MPBCMyers Park Baptist Church (Charlotte, NC)
MPBCMaryland Public Broadcasting Commission
MPBCMarcus Pointe Baptist Church (Pensacola, FL)
MPBCMoonee Ponds Baptist Church (Melbourne, Australia)
MPBCMarket Place Business Center (Pembroke Pines, FL)
MPBCMain Protective Bonding Conductor (electrical installation)
MPBCMes Plus Belles Creations (French: My Most Beautiful Creations)
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MPBC, according to the letter, is registered as a non-stock/profit organization under Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) with primary purpose to promote the said breeds of dogs including awareness and welfare.
When choosing cluster heads, our clustering algorithm absorbs the quintessence of some clustering algorithms (i.e., MPBC and SCBC) and takes the link expiration time and node's relative degree into account, not to take one of them as the metric to select cluster heads.
And the proposed clustering algorithm is simulated against other five existing clustering algorithms, namely, SCBC, DDVC, DLDC, MPBC, and MOBIC (Mobility-Based Clustering).
From Figure 7, it can be seen that the number of clusters formed using HCA surpasses the number of clusters formed using the SCBC, DDVC, DLDC, MPBC, and MOBIC schemes.
Hybridization capture of 3769 exons from 236 cancer-related genes and 47 introns of 19 genes commonly rearranged in cancer was applied to a minimum of 50 ng of DNA extracted from 20 formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded cases of relapsed and metastatic MPBC that had previously been treated with systemic therapies.
The 20 patients with MPBC had a median age of 62 years (range, 42-86 years).
Molecular studies of MPBC to date have predominantly used IHC, fluorescence in situ hybridization, and mRNA transcriptional profiling techniques and have demonstrated that MPBC clusters with the TNBC/basaloid phenotypes.
Although pathogenesis and cell of origin of metaplastic breast cancer (MpBC) is still not completely clear, it has been claimed to be of myoepithelial origin.
The prognosis of MpBC is reported to be worse than breast adenocarcinoma.
[7,17] MpBC commonly presents as a rapidly growing mass, usually greater than 2 cm.
To assess the performance of the proposed SCBCS scheme, we make simulations and conduct a comparative analysis of MOBIC [6], DLDC [16], MPBC [18], SECA [15], MWC [8] and SCBCS.
4, the SCBCS scheme provides a longer average link connection lifetime than MOBIC, DLDC, MPBC, SECA and MWC when communication range R = 20 km.