MPBEMedical Physics and Biomedical Engineering (conference)
MPBEMid-Paleocene Biotic Event
MPBEMolten Plutonium Burnup Experiment
MPBEM.Pokora Belgique
MPBEMaster of Petroleum Business Engineering (Technical University of Delft and Energy Delta Institute)
MPBEModified Poisson Boltzmann Equation (physics)
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Tenders are invited for Renovation Up gradation of electrical wiring in MPBE Dept theatron lecture Hall and Room No 228 235 241 243 250 254 255 256 257 267 272 273 in Radiotherapy area at SKIMs Soura
For this contract, DRS will provide Multiple Platform Boresight Equipment (MPBE) for use with the Hawk 100 Series light attack, fixed-wing aircraft destined for military customers in Canada and Australia.