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This is because, based on the results of MPBN resolution organised at the division level recently it was found that houses in rural areas were also sold at high prices.
A mix of Triveni Digital's StreamScope(R) RM-40 transport stream monitor and award-winning StreamScope Portal ultra-portable MPEG analysis and troubleshooting tool will allow MPBN to rapidly detect and resolve video stream impairments that affect viewer quality of experience, while guaranteeing compliance with a vast range of industry standards, enhancing the network's operational efficiency and quality of service to viewers.
Gil Maxwell, vice president and chief technology officer at MPBN, said : "Prior to using Triveni Digital's StreamScope solutions, we did not have an efficient method for identifying transport stream issues.
Through a color-coded Web-based user interface that displays detailed charts and graphs about the status of video transport streams in real time, the StreamScope RM-40 and StreamScope Portal dramatically simplify analysis, making them the perfect solution for a major broadcast network such as MPBN."
Results obtained from our proposed Manhattan heuristics MPNN and MPBN are compared with existing run-time mapping heuristics PNN and PBN reported in [3].
First, the proposed approaches MPNN and MPBN reduce the execution time when compared to the PNN and PBN, respectively.
First, the number of searches is greatly reduced by the Manhattan strategies MPNN and MPBN when compared to PNN and PBN, respectively.
'There were discussions on actions and policies to produce a more stable economic environment where the people can be involved via job opportunities in the field of entrepreneurship,' he told a media conference after chairing the first 2019 MPBN conference here today.
Meanwhile, he said MPBN should not be a political arena but should be a platform for youth's voice their hopes and aspirations to the government.
'MPBN itself plays an important role in the process of planning, implementing and evaluating programmes as well as national development approach especially on the overall youth agenda,' he said.