MPBRMaster Partition Boot Record
MPBRMaximum Point Blank Range
MPBRMore Principles Based Regulation (UK)
MPBRMulti-Purpose Bomb Rack (US Navy)
MPBRModular Pebble Bed Reactor
MPBRMonsieur Pit Bull Rescue, Inc. (est. 2006; Nevada)
MPBRMass Participation Bike Ride (UK)
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TABLA III EFECTO DE LA RAZA PREDOMINANTE SOBRE LOS INTERVALOS PARTO-PRIMER SERVICIO Y PARTO-CONCEPCION EN VACAS MESTIZAS Intervalos a Raza predominante n Parto-1er servicio n CA 37 112,1 [+ o -] 13,5 27 MBR 174 101,9 [+ o -] 7,8 147 MBRH 95 91,9 [+ o -] 9,1 (a) 67 MBRP 55 94,1 [+ o -] 10,6 (1) 34 MHBR 90 121,9 [+ o -] 7,8 b (2) 57 MPBR 65 119,4 [+ o -] 9,2 (c) 43 Intervalos (a) Raza predominante Parto-1er servicio CA 136,5 [+ o -] 17,4 (1) MBR 115,5 [+ o -] 9,4 MBRH 90,5 [+ o -] 11,5 (a2) MBRP 107,7 [+ o -] 13,9 MHBR 142,2 [+ o -] 10,2 (b) MPBR 118,4 [+ o -] 12,3 (a) Promedio [+ o -] error estandar.
Zeroed for MPBR, at 200 yards the muzzleloader and both .30-30 loads are within an inch of each other--between 2 1/2 and 3 1/2 inches low but the .30-06 is nearly 2 1/2 inches high at that distance.
The MPBR distance depends upon how flat your cartridge shoots and how large your quarry is.
To get the most utility from your particular gun and load, you need to sight it for the MPBR zero for the particular quarry you hunt.
Programs such as Load From a Disk of RCBS Load will not only provide the MPBR zero point for your specific load and gun but will also tell you where the bullet impact for an MPBR zero should be at 100 yards--in case your target range doesn't go out far enough for you to actually zero at the optimum point.
You can also find that most of the comprehensive handloading manuals (the Sierra manual is particularly outstanding in this regard) include MPBR information, and the correct zero range to achieve it, in their ballistics table--for every bullet and every muzzle velocity level.
MPBR is the farthest range for which you can hold the sights right on your target and not worry about the bullet's drop.
The MPBR, where the bullet is three inches below the sight line, will be about 295 yards.
MPBR is a theoretical concept that provides a limited understanding of the bullet's path--but little else.