MPBXMobile Private Branch Exchange (wireless communications technology)
MPBXMultiple-Point Borehole Extensometer
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Tenders are invited for Supply of Borehole Extension Meter/ MPBX (VW Type)- 3 point model, Applied Sensor: Vibrating Wire Sensor, Length: up to 15 m Diameter: less than 40 mm, Borehole diameter: 50 to 76 mm, Resolution: 0.01-0.04 mm,Vibrating wire Pressure Cell/Stress Cell Range
Tenders are invited for Supply of Readout Unit For Mpbx
Tenders are invited for Procurement of Rock Instrument Borehole extension meter/ mpbx (vw type)- 3 point model, applied sensor: vibrating wire sensor, length: up to 15 m diameter: less than 40 mm, borehole diameter: 50 to 76 mm, resolution: 0.01-0.04 mm, detail as per annex,vibrating wire pressure cell/stress cell range: 0-200 kg/cm2 (maximum of 20 mpa), resolution: 0.025% f.s.