MPC2Military Police Command & Control
MPC2Multimedia Personal Computer 2 (specification)
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Further, knockdown of the Mpc1 ortholog in flies, which reduced the expression of both Mpc1 and Mpc2, prevented all responses to MSDC-0160 [45].
MPC3 in Figure 11 is similar to MPC2 with machine organization in cells, but it differs that in the second cell machine M1 is redundant and therefore removed.
Caption: Figure 10: MPC2 and its part flows divided into 2 cells.
Layout #1 Metric by Deshmukh Metric by Frizelle MPC1 6,45 bits 18,6 bits MPC2 6,48 bits 17,7 bits MPC3 6,48 bits 17,4 bits MPC4 6,46 bits 21,7 bits MPC5 6,5 bits 19,1 bits Layout #1 Metric by Zhang Proposed metric MPC1 62 bits 47,8 bits MPC2 65,8 bits 50,7 bits MPC3 60,9 bits 53,9 bits MPC4 61,4 bits 44,8 bits MPC5 57,2 bits 47,1 bits Table 14: Comparison of static complexity values for Layout #2.
Settings of the controllers [lambda] [rho] [gamma] [[gamma].sub.c] [N.sub.1] MPC1 1 100 0 0 1 MPC2 1 100 2000 100 1 MPC3 1 100 2000 200 1 MPC4 1 100 1500 100 1 [N.sub.2] [N.sub.u] MPC1 10 10 MPC2 10 10 MPC3 10 10 MPC4 10 10 Table 3.
MPC3 does not replace MPC2, of course (How could it, when there is such a massive installed base of PCs approximating the MPC2 spec still in place?).
With the announcement of the MPC2 standard and the introduction of Kodak's PhotoCD, it's clear that "CD-ROM" really means CD-ROM XA in the near future.
These include a double speed multisession MPC2 (Multimedia PC level 2 standard) compliant CD-ROM plus the 16-bit Digital Sound Pro 16 sound card featuring Digital Signal Processing (DSP).
Officially, this is known as Multimedia PC Level 2 Specification, and the logo is now MPC2. The MPC Level 1 logo and specifications - unfortunately - remain in effect.
The MPC2 specifications announced this July finally got it right - mostly.
While the video requirements of the original MPC (16 color) were underdone, those of the MPC2 (65,536 colors) are overdone as requirements.