MPCCSMulti-Protocol Call Control Server (network service)
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Instead of solving an MPCC directly, the ASA solves two simpler problems sequentially.
During 2017, MPCC staff maintained a high level of personal contact with military police rank and file and their supervising officers through outreach visits to bases and to the MP Academy.
The MPCC has made important progress in recognizing the importance of mental health, and challenges staff to engage in honest and open dialogue about mental health to ensure a healthier and more productive work environment.
A simultaneous solution framework has been described, whereby the resulting multi-level optimization problem is transformed into a single-level mathematical program with complementarity constraints (MPCC).
Alternatively, Ralph and Wright (2004) showed that, under similar assumptions of regularity and MPCC linear independence as used in Baker and Swartz (2005), the solution to the original MPCC can be obtained if the complementarity constraints are moved to the objective function and are multiplied by a sufficiently large penalty parameter.