MPCEMonthly per Capita Expenditure (Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation; India)
MPCEMonthly Per-capita Consumer Expenditure
MPCEMission Package Computing Environment
MPCEMachine Primary Control Element
MPCEMicronuclei in Polychromatic Erythrocyte (genetics)
MPCEMost Probable Cost Estimate (US Army)
MPCEMulti-Process Constrained Estimation
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The frequency of MPCE observed in the negative control group was within the historical control range of the laboratory, and a statistically significant increase in MPCE frequency was observed in the positive control group compared to negative control.
Monthly Per Capita Expenditure (MPCE) of Major States (in Rs.
This IMPCE is then adjusted for inflation (IIMPCE: Inequality-cum-Inflation adjusted MPCE) by using state-specific poverty line (PL) in Rupees per capita per month, to enable meaningful inter-temporal and inter-spatial analysis.
In NSSO data information on MPCE of the household (7) is also available; it has been used as a proxy for income and financial condition of a family.
This is compared to national MPCE of 43% on food items and 57% on non-food items.
The per annum increase in real MPCE for each of the ten deciles is presented at Table 5.
Discharge Film Plasma Pressure power thickness Polymers Monomers (Pa) (W) (nm) PPMPCE MPCE 6.0-7.3 3 402 PPPPCE PPCE 6.7-K.O 10 297 PPCPCE CPCE 6.7-8.0 10 472 Characterization
Similar changed behavior towards utilization is also supported by National Sample Survey Organization 60th round data on number of hospitalization cases for Monthly Per Capita Consumer Expenditure (MPCE) less than INR 235 as well (generally people below poverty line).
Still worse, the NSS 63rd Round (2006-07) records the second lowest Rural Monthly Per Capita Consumption (food) Expenditure (MPCE) in MP and ranks the state 16th in 17 major states across India.
Similarly, the evidence from the distribution of monthly per capita expenditure (MPCE) from the NSS unequivocally establishes the persistent disparity between SCs and Others over the last two decades.
In applications of 6 A or less, the FGR-M1 Series relays can serve as the machine primary control element (MPCE).
The NSSO data suggest that the illness and hospitalisation rates tend to increase with the economic status of the household measured in terms of monthly per capita expenditure (MPCE).