MPCVMulti-Purpose Crew Vehicle (US NASA)
MPCVMinimum Pressure Check Valve (various companies)
MPCVMine Protected Clearance Vehicle
MPCVMulti-Purpose Cargo Vessel (shipping)
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However, in May 2011, NASA announced that the Orion spacecraft would be "repurposed" to develop and construct the MPCV.
Stephens has served as the Buffalo MPCV System Acquisition Manager assigned to PM Assured Mobility Systems since June 2005.
Leveraging its experience with the Asrad and its co-operation with MBDA on the MPCV platform, Rheinmetall is now proposing an Asrad 2, also known as the Skyarcher.
This activity shall provide the missing building blocks to the already existing testbench that willallow ESA/ESTEC to independently evaluate test and design TTEthernet and AFDX technologies that are currently being baselined in FLPP AvioniqueX Ariane6 and Multi-purpose crew MPCV.
International Rectifier, IR, a world leader in power management technology, today announced the introduction of the M3G120 Series of 40W radiation-hardened (RAD-Hard) 120V input DC-DC converters for a wide range of digital and analog satellite power systems requiring up to 15 years or more of mission life such as space stations and NASA s Orion MPCV (Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle) programs.
In December 2012, US space agency NASA and the ESA agreed to certify the US new Orion MPCV in conjunction with the ESM.