MPCVDMicrowave Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition
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[sp.sup.2]/[sp.sup.3] Preparation method ratio DLC films 0.85-1.0 Microwave plasma chemical vapor deposition (MPCVD) a-C 1.25 MPCVD Metal-DLC 1.0 Electrochemical deposition Metal-DLC 1.2016 Electrochemical deposition Turn-on electric field ([F.sub.T]) DLC films 10 V/[micro]m (defined as the low-end electric field to emit electrons) a-C 4.8 V/[micro]m (0.28mA/[cm.sup.2]) Metal-DLC 6.5 V/[micro]m (1 [micro]A/[cm.sup.2]) Metal-DLC 8.4 V/[micro]m (1 [micro]A/[cm.sup.2]) Highest current density Reference DLC films -- [28] a-C -- [29] Metal-DLC 1.2mA/[cm.sup.2] (23.5 V/[micro]m) [30] Metal-DLC 163.89 [mu]A/[cm.sup.2] (12.455 V/[micro]m) [31] TABLE 3: Appropriate size of [sp.sup.2] clusters.
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