MPDCMunicipal Planning and Development Coordinator (Philippines)
MPDCMatamata-Piako District Council (Te Aroha, New Zealand)
MPDCMovemento Polos Dereitos Civis (Galician: Movement for Civil Rights)
MPDCMetropolitan Police, District of Columbia
MPDCMedicare Prescription Drug Coverage (US DHHS)
MPDCMulti-Platform Dispenser Controller
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The MPDC also expended considerable energy on generating support for Culbert Olson, a prominent liberal running for governor of California in 1938.
MPDC is a consortium between the publicly owned ports and rail company, CFM, and private company Portus Indico, a joint venture between DP World, Grindrod of South Africa and local company, Mocambique Gestores.
MPDC Gabon, established in 2001, oversees the exploration and development of oil and natural gas in West Africa.
(40.) The 1997 Electoral Program of the MPDC, Al-Raya (October 30, 1997) and PJD, 2002 National Election Manifesto (Rabat: Matbaa bil-Maris, 2002), p.7.
The more interesting part of this story, however, was the initial reaction from D.C's Metropolitan Police Department (MPDC) and traditional Washington media outlets.
The PJD came into being in 1998 when its predecessor, the Mouvement Populaire Democratique et Constitutionnel (MPDC), changed its name following the incorporation of the radical Mouvement Unicite et Reforme (MUR) in 1996.
At the time, activists from Islamic movements became organized and formed the Justice and Development Party (PJD - Parti de la Justice et du DE[umlaut]veloppement), which emerged from the matrix of the Popular Democratic and Constitutional Movement (MPDC - Mouvement Populaire DE[umlaut]mocratique et Constitutionnel).
In January, it purchased 48.5% of Portus Indico--Sociedade de Servicos Portuarios, which in turn holds a 51% stake in Maputo Port Development Company (MPDC), the port's operator.
(44.) Source: Directorate of Coordination of Population-Related Activities, Ministry of Planning, Development and Cooperation (MPDC), 2004 data.
He is a former police lieutenant, Special Assignments Branch, MPDC, Washington, D.C.