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MPDGManic Pixie Dream Girl (film character type)
MPDGMadison Planting & Design Group (Mississippi)
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Like other versions of the eternal feminine, the MPDGT organizes female characters into a master narrative by which political and aesthetic experimentation and innovation is reinterpreted as remitting to an ontologically stable category of unstable femininity, as the MPDGT machine-translates its diverse gestures into the nattering diary of a universal MPDG.
By definition, the MPDG exists in the measure that the male protagonist needs her.
Her male consort is usually a failure by conventional standards (though the MPDG appreciates him just as he is).
It was followed by the MPDG and the NNKDG, each of which had been established for fourteen years.
The MPDG possessed the most members, 104, including 98 weavers and 6 seamstresses.
With regard to the types of fabric and the main products sold, the CDG and the BPDG both sold cotton and silk, while the MPDG and the NNKDG sold only cotton.
All the samples of MPDG ([Y.sub.1][G.sub.1][R.sub.1]DG) with diameter, thickness, and chromaticity coordinates were 15 mm ([+ or -] 0.25), 0.5 mm ([+ or -] 0.025), and (0.36 [+ or -] 0.005, 0.29 [+ or -] 0.005), as shown in Table 1.
Table 2 shows optical properties of the WLEDs utilizing MPDG. The color coordinates and color temperature of the WLED utilizing Y1G1R1DG are (0.358, 0.288; 3923 K) with high color rendering index up to 85 suitable for interior lighting.
Thus, MPDS can only be compared with MPDG below such critical temperature, while the characteristics of MPDG will be still presented at 350[degrees]C and 450[degrees]C.
He meets A.J., an equally-moneyed, movie-loving girl who might be interested in him, but she does not excite him like MPDG. No matter how many times Colleen disappears, gets high, and then shows up for attention, he will welcome her back.