MPDOMunicipal Planning and Development Office (Philippines)
MPDOMandal Parishad Development Officer (India)
MPDOMeu Pau de Óculos (Portuguese: My Stick Glasses)
MPDOMatrix Product Density Operator
MPDOMicroscopic Performed, Description Omitted (pathology)
MPDOMaximum Probable Days Outage (risk assessment)
MPDOMilitary Police Duty Officer
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Recently, MPDO also inaugurated the newly renovated Plaza Oliva Salamanca on Taft Avenue in Ermita, which was named after Dr.
While their Soldiers work the road, Military Police Corps leaders work as military police duty officers (MPDOs).
MPDOs no longer leave post; rather, they patrol within the Fort Riley community.
Film permits aren't required in Arkansas, and the MPDO sometimes can arrange for free city and county services.
The MPDO has an extensive crew list, developed through films and commercials produced locally as well as from outside the state.
The MPDO, a division of the Arkansas Industrial Development Commission, operated on just $25,000 in 1979, its first year.
AIDC director Dave Harrington says he would like to see more money appropriated for the MPDO and thinks that will happen as the industry gains more visibility.
Community attitude directly affects the MPDO's attempts to attract out-of-state films.
In spite of its growing reputation among Hollywood moviemakers, Arkansas has lost business because of the MPDO's small operating budget, which doesn't allow for paying the expenses of movie scouts.
Jones believes part of the problem is the MPDO's placement in the governmental structure.