MPDQMutual Psychological Development Questionnaire (psychology)
MPDQManagement Position Description Questionnaire
MPDQMulti-Priority Dual Queue (network)
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Consequently, when using assessment instruments such as the MPDQ, RHI, and CDS to inform practice, counselors are encouraged to review contemporary literature regarding the use of instruments with populations that are not associated with the normative sample of predominately Caucasian women.
It is notable that one of the measures used in this study, the MPDQ, is designed to assess the reciprocal nature of relationships using two subscales, one to measure the respondent's perspective of mutuality in the relationship and one to assess how her or his relational partner enacts mutuality in the relationship.
Additionally, the TMD showed strong and statistically significant correlations with the MPDQ [22].
We evaluated the mobile phone dependence of the participants based on the responses given to 20 self-rated items related to mobile phone use in the MPDQ (Toda et al.
A Kolmogorov-Smirnov test was used to determine whether the MPDQ scores were normally distributed.
The Kolmogorov-Smirnov test results indicated that the scores of the MPDQ were normally distributed (Z = 0.
Mobile phone dependence was evaluated using the MPDQ (Toda et al.
In fact, the mean MPDQ score of the present study was lower than that of our previous study (Toda et al.