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MPDSMaterials Platform for Data Science
MPDSMedical Priority Dispatch System (Priority Dispatch Corp.)
MPDSMyofascial Pain Dysfunction Syndrome
MPDSMobile Packet Data Service (satellite-based service)
MPDSMonitored Professional Development Scheme
MPDSMulti-Point Diamond Search (block matching algorithm)
MPDSMario Party Dual Screen (gaming)
MPDSMetal Punk Death Squad (song)
MPDSMultipurpose Decontamination System
MPDSMessage Processing & Distribution System
MPDSMessage Processing Data System
MPDSMulti-Projectile Delivery System (weapons)
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subjects' right leg received MPDS for 60 min while the left leg
in the right leg (MPDS) than in the left leg (no MPD) in all
In this commentary, we are also proposing that MPDS overcomes DOMS
The physiological mechanisms of the effect from MPDS recently has
suggested that the physiological effects of MPDS are due to a number of
specific properties of MPDS variant resulting in improvements in tissue
These novel properties of the MPDS following stimulation
activity following long-term repeated MPDS to the hind limb of rats is
The MPDS is an electrical stimulation modality demonstrated to
microvascular responses to MPDS. In addition, the effect of repeated
The role of NO in the microvascular response to MPDS was assessed
diameters did not change with variant MPDS following blockade of NO