MPDTMulti Peer Data Transmission
MPDTMoving People Dance Theatre (Santa Fe, NM)
MPDTMedical Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal (New Zealand)
MPDTMagneto-Plasma-Dynamic Thruster (aerospace engineering)
MPDTMulti-Peer Data Transmission
MPDTMulti-Pole Dual Throw (switch)
MPDTMessage Preparation & Dissemination Terminal
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The OTPS silane consists of more reactive ethoxy groups to form a bond with the silanol groups on the silica surface compared to the MPDTS silane.
By taking the compound with 8.6 wt% TESPT relative to the silica as reference, the use of OTPS-grafted NR that gives better performance than MPDTS with 4-6 wt% of silane relative to the silica gives similar Mooney viscosity, Payne effect and flocculation rate constant, but inferior chemically bound rubber content, modulus and tensile strength.
Comparing the two types of silane-grafted NRs, the use of OTPS provides a better improvement of overall properties than MPDTS, but the properties are still somewhat lower than for the use of TESPT at its optimum content, i.e., at 8.6 wt% relative to the silica.