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MPDUMultiplexing Protocol Data Unit
MPDUModerately Priced Dwelling Units
MPDUMAC Protocol Data Unit
MPDUMessage Protocol Data Unit
MPDUMannose-P-Dolichol Utilization Defect (protein)
MPDUMaster Power Distribution Unit
MPDUMultiplexed Protocol Data Unit
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As for the explanation in the IEEE 802.11 standard, MAC determines the data rate used for MPDU transmission using a rate adaptation algorithm.
Aggregation A-MPDU/64 MPDU aggregation size/BA window size, no A-MSDU, with immediate BA.
MPDU will be divided into two packets and the latter fragment needs additional header H.
In contrast, A-MPDU scheme generates aggregated frames, which clearly separate each MPDU inside the aggregated frame.
The stream is then divided into 512octet segments, encrypted and encapsulated into serialized PHY Blocks (PBs), and packed as MAC Protocol Data Units (MPDUs) to the PHY unit which then generates the final PHY Protocol Data Unit (PPDU) to be transmitted onto the power line [2].
(147) In such cases, officials must determine that "the public benefit of additional affordable housing outweighs the value of locating MPDUs [Moderately Priced Dwelling Units] in each subdivision throughout the County." (148)
Sometime in 2000, a friend encouraged her to apply for a Moderately Priced Dwelling Unit (MPDU)--a program in Montgomery County, Md., that offers affordable housing to people with low and moderate incomes.
The MPDU program still encounters occasional resistance from local residents--especially as Montgomery County loses its distinction as a liberal bastion--who worry that lower-income households in their midst will drag down property values and spawn ghetto-style social problems.
The Grand's affordable apartment homes are governed by Montgomery County's Moderately Priced Dwelling Unit Program (MPDU).
In 1972, the Montgomery County Council adopted the Moderately Priced Dwelling Unit (MPDU) policy, then the nation's only mandatory inclusionary zoning ordinance.