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MPDUMultiplexing Protocol Data Unit
MPDUModerately Priced Dwelling Units
MPDUMAC Protocol Data Unit
MPDUMessage Protocol Data Unit
MPDUMannose-P-Dolichol Utilization Defect (protein)
MPDUMaster Power Distribution Unit
MPDUMultiplexed Protocol Data Unit
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MPDU will be divided into two packets and the latter fragment needs additional header H.
sym], which account for the transmission time T (Equation 4) of an MPDU and the ACK frames in the wireless channel.
147) In such cases, officials must determine that "the public benefit of additional affordable housing outweighs the value of locating MPDUs [Moderately Priced Dwelling Units] in each subdivision throughout the County.
Si el tamano de la MPDU disminuye de modo que el tiempo de transmision sea inferior al de la trama Bluetooth, la probabilidad de interferencia se reduce, debido al tiempo en el que el canal esta disponible.
Eric Larsen, the county's MPDU coordinator, notes that 1,800 buyers are now on the waiting list for homes that are being built at the rate of 250 a year.
By county ordinance, however, up to 40 percent of MPDU units in any development may be purchased as "deep subsidy" rentals by the county's Housing Opportunities Commission (HOC) and nonprofit organizations.
The Block ACK must be used in this case in order to distinguish between lost and successful MPDUs, thus allowing the selective retransmission.
Thus, Montgomery County's lottery for MPDU purchasers has resulted in greater opportunities than the unregulated system in New Jersey, which has delivered most of the suburban affordable units to Whites who were already living in the suburbs.
The county's MPDU program was one of the first inclusionary zoning programs in the nation and is credited for building more than 11,000 affordable units since 1974.
Mitchell, who opposed the program when it started 20 years ago, has since built more than 300 MPDU units.
11n rate adaptation scheme performs poorly in some scenarios because it does not consider MAC Protocol Data Unit (MPDU) length which is difficult to estimate as a number of MPDUs can be aggregated to form a single Aggregated-MPDU (A-MPDU).