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MPEMax-Planck-Institut für Extraterrestrische Physik
MPEMinistry of Petroleum and Energy (Norway)
MPEMicrosoft Photo Editor (software)
MPEMalignant Pleural Effusion
MPEManufacturing Process Engineer
MPEMaximum Permissible Exposure
MPEMaculopapular Eruption (dermatology)
MPEManaging Photo Editor
MPEMulti Programming Executive
MPEMulti Processing Enabled
MPEMulti Protocol Encapsulator
MPEMulti Processor Expansion
MPEMicrosoft Photo Editor
MPEMultiservice Provider Edge
MPEMcafee Policy Enforcer
MPEMeeting Place Express
MPEMotion Picture Experts
MPEMission Partner Environment (US DoD)
MPEMidwest Parent Educators (Kansas City, MO)
MPEMulti Protocol Encapsulation
MPEMail Processing Equipment (USPS)
MPEModern Process Equipment
MPEMolecular Phylogenetics and Evolution (journal)
MPEMost Probable Explanation
MPEMors Principium Est (band)
MPEMcAfee Policy Enforcer (software)
MPEMulti-Programming Executive (HP Operating System)
MPEMulti-Photon Excitation
MPEMercury Playback Engine (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
MPEMultiphase Extraction
MPEMoving Pictures Expert Group (filename extension synonymous with MPG and MPEG)
MPEMechanical and Production Engineering
MPEMaximum Permitted Error
MPEMission to Planet Earth
MPEMinimum Phone Error
MPEMilitary Personel Element
MPEMean Percent Error
MPEMaster of Physical Education
MPEMarket Participant Exception (constitutional law)
MPEMedical Physics Expert (EU)
MPEMajor Program Element
MPEMultiservice Provider Edge (Nortel)
MPEMarginal Propensity to Emit (greenhouse gases)
MPEMitsubishi Pharma Europe (Japan)
MPEMy Point Exactly
MPEMultiprofessional Education
MPEMustang Performance Equipment (Racing; Whitman, MA)
MPEMulti-sensor Precipitation Estimator (US National Weather Service)
MPEMinimum Probability-of-Error
MPEMaster of Psychiatric Epidemiology
MPEMessage Passing Environment
MPEMagnetic Particle Examination
MPEMaximum Permissive Exposure
MPEMaggi, Pierce & E.J. (band)
MPEMission Planning Environment
MPEMiniature PLGR (Precision Lightweight GPS Receiver) Engine
MPEMidwest Products and Engineering
MPEMostardi Platt Environmental (est. 1976)
MPEMaximum Predicted Environment
MPEMap Publishing Environment
MPEMaster of Public Education
MPEMetamath Proof Explorer
MPEMaximum Potential Energy
MPEMaximum Power Exposure
MPEMedical Practice Executive
MPEManual Plot Entry
MPEManchester Phase Encoding (clock signal)
MPEMorello Park Elementary (Martinez, CA)
MPEMission and Performance Envelopes
MPEMission Processing Equipment
MPEMore Powerful Explosive
MPEMaryland Photogrammetric Engineering, Inc (Silver Spring, MD)
MPEMarkov Pefect Equilibria
MPEMissing Planning Element
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Confirma-se pela literatura, que a ausencia de capital de giro e uma das principais barreiras para o crescimento das MPE segundo Krieck e Tontini (1999) e uma das principais dificuldades de gestao enfrentadas na opiniao de Ferreira et al.
MPE has worked extensively for Cammell Laird on numerous vessel fit-out projects.
[6,7] To the best of our knowledge, there are no data regarding the aetiology of MPE for either the Western Cape Province or South Africa (SA).
We found statistically higher frequency of [CD4.sup.+][CD25.sup.+] [FoxP3.sup.+] T cells in MPE with malignant cells (I) than in nonmalignant pleural effusions (III) (3.29% [+ or -] 2.99% versus 0.82% [+ or -] 0.66%, p = 0.000009) and in MPE without malignant cells (II) compared to nonmalignant pleural effusions (III) (2.46% [+ or -] 2.53% versus 0.82% [+ or -] 0.66%, p = 0.0015).
MPE and B&E partnered in the transaction with SFS founders Rafael Fuentes and Ann Justiz, who will both continue to manage the daily operations of SFS.
En medio de las dificultades para permanecer en un ambiente altamente competitivo, el SEBRAE (2013) indica que entre 2002 y 2012 hubo un aumento del 30,9% en el numero de MPE en Brasil y casi se duplico el numero de empleos formales generados por estos establecimientos.
Therefore, it is a promising way to explore potential biomarkers related to malignancy in MPE based on proteomics.
This is why the right conveyance method is imperative, which is where MPE's Chain-Vey steps up to the plate.
La industria del calzado puede ser un sector importante para el uso de las MPE como materia prima.
At an opening ceremony on 23 October 1980, MPE executives informed 200 local farmers and grain industry guests that the total cost of construction was about $2 million, compared to about $800,000 for a wooden elevator of similar size.
Conclusion: CPB is better than pleural fluid cytology alone with the later adding little to diagnostic yield when both combined in distinguishing TPE from MPE, the two main differential of exudative PE in a TB-Endemic country.
Burt Webb of Shoals MPE Services said, "Our goal is to educate the community on how to get the best results for their property improvement projects.