MPECVDMicrowave Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition
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The similarity of these spectra with that of MPECVD multiwalled CNTs [18] should be noted.
Highly porous carbon electrodes which are in direct electrical contact with the metallic current collector are produced via MPECVD growth on metal foils.
Figures 2(b)-2(e) show the evolution of surface morphology of the diamond films grown by MPECVD with various working pressures.
Figure 1(b) shows the SEM surface analysis of a sample treated at 400[degrees]C with hydrogen plasma inside the MPECVD system for 5 minutes.
The [I.sub.D]/[I.sub.G] ratios are given as follows: T-CVD = 0.30; MPECVD = 1.94; FCT-CVD = 0.84.