MPEEMinistry of Planning, Economy and Empowerment (Tanzania)
MPEEMentored Professional Enrichment Experience (Southern Illinois University School of Medicine; Carbondale, IL)
MPEEMeasurement in Physical Education and Exercise (journal; American Association for Physical Activity and Recreation)
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Compared to that of healthy controls, the NLR of patients with MPeE was significantly higher (P <0.001) (Table 4), and the NLR was significantly higher in patients with PC compared to that in patients with MPeM.
Serum LDH levels were significantly higher in patients with MPeE (P = 0.020) compared to those in healthy controls (Table 4) and were significantly higher in patients with PC compared to those in patients with MPeM (P = 0.046) (Table 3).
Ascites-serum LDH ratios were not significantly associated with OS, and Cox proportional hazards analysis revealed that ascites and serum LDH levels (P = 0.023 and P = 0.037, resp.) were independent prognostic factors associated with the OS of patients with MPeE (Table 5).
MPeE remains one of the greatest oncologic challenges.
The diagnosis of MPeE implies poor survival with 8 months (median) in the present study.
In the present study, serum albumin levels were significantly lower in patients with MPeE compared to those in patients of the control group.
In the present study, patients with MPeE had higher NLRs compared with healthy controls, and NLRs were higher in PC patients compared to those in patients with MPeM.
Here, we found that compared to that in healthy controls, serum LDH was significantly higher in patients with MPeE, indicating that serum LDH is a specific diagnostic marker in patients with MPeE from benign lesions.
Rare studies focus on the LDH levels in the ascites of patients with MPeE or their association with survival.
Survival time varied depending on the type of primary tumor in patients with MPeE. OS was significantly longer in patients with MPeM compared to those with PC.