MPESMine Planning and Equipment Selection (annual conference)
MPESMerchantPlus Enterprise Solutions (New York, NY)
MPESMultiplexed Passenger Entertainment System (Panasonic)
MPESMobilization Planning and Execution System
MPESMidwest Philosophy of Education Society (now Society for the Philosophical Study of Education)
MPESManpower Programming and Execution System (US DoD)
MPESManagement Planning and Evaluation Staff
MPESMovement Planning Execution System
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The fact that 1 in 10 MPEs were in patients with malignant mesothelioma, almost a decade after asbestos was finally banned in SA, remains a significant finding.
Statistical analysis (Spearman correlation coefficient) showed no correlation between frequency of Tregs and concentration of TGF-[beta]1 in any group of pleural effusions separately (MPEs with malignant cells: p = 0.105; MPEs without malignant cells: p = 0.0598; nMPEs: p = 0.369) (Figure 6(a)).
Grafting maleic anhydride to the backbone of the synthetic polymer can impart polarity to mPE [32].
Enda Inter-Arabe pretera des fonds aux MPEs, en ciblant en priorite des emprunteurs des milieux ruraux et du secteur de l'agriculture.
Patented Multi-Process-Elements (MPE) allow the line to be tailored to the moisture content of the material to be processed--from wood flour or wood fibres to flax and hemp.
The Proceedings of MPES 2000 are available, containing 182 papers from 31 countries.
has unveiled its new MPE format, a secure digital musical distribution system featuring graphics, text and e-commerce web applications.
Blending MPEs is said to offer significant benefits, including stronger physical property performance in key areas such as flexibility, tactile feel, coefficient of friction or enhanced processing ease.
On the other hand, LLDPE has nonuniform short-chain branching distributions, but mPEs have very uniform short-chain branching distributions (1).
Four linear mPEs (L-mPE-1 to 4) were used to study the effect of [M.sub.w] on [[sigma].sub.c].