MPFAMandatory Provident Fund Authority (retirement planning; Hong Kong)
MPFAMulti Point Flux Approximation (statistics)
MPFAMultiple-Probability Fluctuation Analysis
MPFAMain Points for Action (UK government term)
MPFAMission Peak Fly Anglers (Fremont, CA)
MPFAMost Plausible Factual Account (psychiatric evaluation)
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MPFA provides financing to certain governmental entities within the state for eligible clean water state revolving fund (CWSRF) and drinking water state revolving fund (DWSRF) infrastructure projects.
We obtain the data on size and age for funds in the MPF system from the monthly report of MPFA. This dataset only covers the period from September 2007 to September 2014.
An Euler implicit-mixed finite element scheme is analyzed in [36,37] and a multipoint flux approximation method (MPFA) is considered in [30].
Trustees are required to submit returns, financial statements, and auditor's reports to the MPFA on a regular basis.
(59.) MPFA, "Manila Declaration and Plan of Action," Manila, November 21-24, 1996.
i) Increased awareness by African training experts on the MPFA as a guide for national and regional management of migration;
Established in November 2013 following the commencement of the statutory regulatory regime for MPF intermediaries, the PRP is an independent panel tasked to review and advise the MPFA on the adequacy and consistency of its internal procedures and operational guidelines governing the actions taken and operational decisions made by the MPFA and its staff in the performance of its regulatory functions relating to the regulation of MPF intermediaries and associated matters.
The MPFSAC is a statutory body established under section 6R of the MPFSO, which advises the MPFA with respect to the operation of the MPFSO as well as the effectiveness and efficiency of the MPFA.
We welcome Ms Cheng to the MPFA and believe she will contribute greatly to the work of the Authority."
Dr Fong added, "I am grateful to the MPFA for co-operating closely with the PRP, and their continuous dedication to perfecting the regulatory regime for MPF intermediaries."
Capitalising on the expertise of our members, the PRP made constructive observations from the case review and came up with a number of recommendations and suggestions for consideration and necessary follow-up actions by the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority (MPFA).
He said, "Mr Wong has been the Chairman of the MPFSAC since 2012 and has provided valuable advice to the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority (MPFA) on the various aspects of the Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) System and its operation.