MPFMMy Parent's Favorite Music (band)
MPFMMotion-Picture File Manager
MPFMMulti-Phase FlowMeter
MPFMMask PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) File Manager (Maskaro Corp.)
MPFMMilitary Personnel Flight Memorandum (US DoD)
MPFMMini-Wright Peak Flow Meter
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The MPFM metre can be mounted in any orientation, or at the end of a hose.
Oscar De La Hoya has been awfully quiet since I sent word that ODLH might like my proposal which the two (MPFM) will grab the minute they see it.
I tested an MPFM purchased from Pocono Mountain Optics for an introductory price of $399, plus $20 shipping.
The MPFM swings in azimuth on the tripod to aid in polar alignment, and a wrench is needed to loosen and tighten the mount's altitude-adjustment bolt.
The MPFM can be attached to any camera tripod (a heavy-duty model is ideal) with a standard 1/4-20 threaded screw; selecting one with a geared head would also be a great help when it comes to polar aligning the mount.
The MPFM drive uses a small stepper motor powered by four AA batteries in the hand box.
Instructions shipped with the MPFM are minimal - only two sheets, one of which is simply a diagram of the mount showing a small telescope attached.
The most straightforward way to attach a camera alone to the MPFM is to use a conventional photographic ball head mounted on the cradle.
At first I considered the inability to mount a camera and guidescope to the MPFM a serious drawback for astrophotographers.
The MPFM depositor - the initials stand for Multi-Purpose Filler-Manual, is designed to process a multitude of foods varying from free-flowing products, like macaroni, IQF vegetables and rice, to the more difficult products, like tagliatelli, spaghetti and large dimensioned vegetables such as broccoli and stir-fry combinations.
In spite of being a relatively young company, SUAM benefits from the long track record and expertise of its preceding companies as it acquired ING's MPFM business.
Demographic trends signal the need for individual savings pension plans and there is political consensus and stability on MPFMs regulation.