MPGIMicrobial and Plant Genomics Institute (University of Minnesota; St. Paul, MN)
MPGIMoore-Penrose Generalized Inverse (linear algebra)
MPGIMouvement Pour Guadeloupe Indépendante (French: Movement for an Independent Guadeloupe)
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Consequently, he moved to Taiwan where he established the Grand Motion Picture Company (GMPC), with the financial backing of Shaw Brothers' rival MPGI and the Taiwan Film Culture Company, and brought with him a large number of Hong Kong film stars and crew.
This realistic approach was very different from the studi films produced by Shaw Brothers, MPGI or GMPC which fed on fantasy and escapism.
1964 saw a tragic loss in the Chinese film community when Loke Wan Tho, the Malaysian-born Singaporean Chinese business visionary and owner of MPGI, died in a plane crash in Taiwan, along with his executives and important Taiwanese film producers, As a result, Li Han Hsiang and GMPC lost their financial backing from MPGI, went heavily into debt during the making of the Hsi Shih, the Beauty of Beauties (1965) and were sued.