MPHPTMinistry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Post, and Telecommunications
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* The MPHPT shall evaluate policies that belong to two or more administrative organs in order to secure unity and comprehensive implementation.
Occasionally, the MPHPT will find that an administrative organ is not conducting policy evaluation adequately despite MPHPT findings that such evaluation is necessary due to changes in social or economic conditions.
When the MPHPT finds it necessary to evaluate policy as described in the last two bullets, it shall either recommend that those organs take actions necessary to reflect the results of MPHPT's evaluation in planning and development of specific policies or advise the prime minister to direct those organs to do so.
In GPEA, each ministry evaluates its policy, and reports not to the Ministry of Finance, but to the MPHPT, which is responsible for governmental management.
Moreover, the MPHPT has also insisted that an electricity company, which has entered the telecommunications field, make its poles available at a cheap price to competitors.
Under the proposed amendments, the MPHPT will also supervise carriers affiliated with power companies, which are not subject to the telecommunications law at present.
Under the bills only businesses with approval from the Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications (MPHPT) will be allowed to deliver postal mail.
At a minimum, MPHPT should collect and publish statistics on the number of unbundled local loops or lines being shared by the incumbents with competitors, and the time required for providing circuits to competitors and to N TT clients.
The MPHPT's decision is disturbing for several reasons.
The decision of the MPHPT to approve an increase in NTT East and West's interconnection rates is now being legally challenged by a group of New Common Carriers (NCC) concerned about the decision.
Among other things, the NTT Act requires the MPHPT to approve NTT's business activities, and indeed NTT submits its operating plan annually to the MPHPT minister for authorization.
At present, the MPHPT is responsible for both policy-making and regulation in the telecommunications sector.