MPHTmaximum power handoff with timer (algorithm)
MPHTMobile-Pedestrian-Handheld Technology
MPHTmean plant height
MPHTMinistry of Public Health Thailand
MPHTN-Methylpyrolidin-2-one Hydrotribromide
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MpHt Most guests will arrive for the party, which boyfriend Tre Holloway has helped plan, today.
Its MPHT, shown at Interpack, directs processed food straight into a paperboard tray, which can be safely heated in the oven.
Ramirez-Marrero, PhD, MSc *; Ellen Smit, PhD[dagger]; Taina De La Torre-Feliciano, MS[double dagger]; Javier Perez-Irizarry, MPHt; Sandra Miranda, MPH[section]; Maritza Cruz, MS[section]; Nayda R.