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MPICHMessage-Passing Interface Chameleon
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We have compared topology-aware two-phase (TATP) I/O with the original version of two-phase (OTP) I/O implemented in MPICH and locality-aware two-phase (LATP) I/O implemented by Filgueira [15].
cluster computation, gigabit ethernet, TCP/IP performance, virtual interface architecture (VIA), MPI, MPICH, LAM, MVICH, NAS multigrid benchmarks
(50.) MPICH [online], (url:
A study that attempts to use lock-free data structures for MPICH is conducted in a version for NEC shared-memory vector machines and Cray T3D [Gropp and Lusk 1997; Brightwell and Skjellum 1996; NEC 1999], in which they used single-slotted buffers for the ADI-layer communication.
For example, if a source file is compiled for the Intel Paragon using the MPICH communication library, a record in the state file contains this information along with the names of the generated object/ binary files and other pertinent information.
MultiMATLAB was written using MPICH, a freely available implementation of MPI developed at Argonne (Ill.) National Lab.
Ms Mt CPU Intel(R) Core(TM) SW410 processor 2 Quad CPU Q9500 @ 2.83 GHz OS Fedora NeoKylin 3.8.0 Compiler gcc-4.3.2 gcc-4.5.3 Frequency of 2.5 GHz 1.6 GHz the processor Number of 4 4 processor cores Cache sizes of L2 cache 4 M L2 cache 4 M the processor Amount of memory 4G 4G Amount of storage 500 G 500G MPICH 3.1.2 3.1.2 Table 2: Test cases and the result of correctness test.
The proposed two stage concealment process is implemented in C++ using the MPICH implementation of the MPI communication standard for distributed memory implementation of the SR protocol to mimic a distributed reliable network of peers.
[23.], for the MPICH Implementation of the MPI Libraries.
InfiniPath is the industry's lowest latency Linux cluster interconnect, delivering SMP-class performance to commodity-priced Linux clusters while leveraging important standards such as HyperTransport technology, InfiniBand, MPICH and AMD64 Direct Connect Architecture.
Implementation of MPICH of the Argonne National Laboratory and the Mississippi State University.