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MPICHMessage-Passing Interface Chameleon
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We have compared topology-aware two-phase (TATP) I/O with the original version of two-phase (OTP) I/O implemented in MPICH and locality-aware two-phase (LATP) I/O implemented by Filgueira [15].
cluster computation, gigabit ethernet, TCP/IP performance, virtual interface architecture (VIA), MPI, MPICH, LAM, MVICH, NAS multigrid benchmarks
(50.) MPICH [online], (url:
A study that attempts to use lock-free data structures for MPICH is conducted in a version for NEC shared-memory vector machines and Cray T3D [Gropp and Lusk 1997; Brightwell and Skjellum 1996; NEC 1999], in which they used single-slotted buffers for the ADI-layer communication.
For example, if a source file is compiled for the Intel Paragon using the MPICH communication library, a record in the state file contains this information along with the names of the generated object/ binary files and other pertinent information.
MultiMATLAB was written using MPICH, a freely available implementation of MPI developed at Argonne (Ill.) National Lab.
Ms Mt CPU Intel(R) Core(TM) SW410 processor 2 Quad CPU Q9500 @ 2.83 GHz OS Fedora NeoKylin 3.8.0 Compiler gcc-4.3.2 gcc-4.5.3 Frequency of 2.5 GHz 1.6 GHz the processor Number of 4 4 processor cores Cache sizes of L2 cache 4 M L2 cache 4 M the processor Amount of memory 4G 4G Amount of storage 500 G 500G MPICH 3.1.2 3.1.2 Table 2: Test cases and the result of correctness test.
The proposed two stage concealment process is implemented in C++ using the MPICH implementation of the MPI communication standard for distributed memory implementation of the SR protocol to mimic a distributed reliable network of peers.
[23.], for the MPICH Implementation of the MPI Libraries.
InfiniPath is the industry's lowest latency Linux cluster interconnect, delivering SMP-class performance to commodity-priced Linux clusters while leveraging important standards such as HyperTransport technology, InfiniBand, MPICH and AMD64 Direct Connect Architecture.